Thursday, August 26, 2004


After a good couple of months of relative obscurity as far as detailed posts go and then a week of feverish activity, I am back. My thesis has been defended after a 2 grueling hours of grilling. But I thought I faced it with the usual panache. The corrections are slowly being taken care of and my life is slowly coming back to where it was a couple of months ago. Job search is back to full steam once more from the relative lethargic actions of the last month and so is the depressing mood prevailing among my friends who are in the same stage as me. Some of it is rubbing off on me too, but I think I will be better soon.

Anyways, I had put off updating my blogroll and after a couple of friendly reminders over the last one week, I have realized that my tardiness is passé and I have to buck up. So, today I added these people on my blogroll - Meghana, Tikku, Anush, Ishwar, Mitochondria and Megha. In the next few days, I will be adding some more people who I should have added today, but missed due to the lower processing capabilities of my blighted mind. But before that some introductions are in order.

Tikz is one of my juniors from Shanmugha. He was always known for his humor and was a co-conspirator in many a project to pull Jakku's leg. He writes about his Adutha Veetu Aunty and though the title of his memoirs (?) is "sexier than Malgova Maami", it "isnt even near sex". He has just written three episodes so far, but going by the story so far and the style in which it has been written, this page promises to develop into another online classic. BTW, Adutha Veetu Aunty is mostly in Tanglish. So if you are not conversant with Tamil written in English, the writing will not make any sense and you will be missing in on the fun

Anush 'Not So Dumb' Seetharaman is another who shares his alma mater with me. He seems to have a knack for story telling that seems to be straight from the Maniratnam school. I wondered at the start of every story whether his writings are autobiographical, except that he seems to have written a number of stories and the stories always seem to end with the protagonists reminiscing about everything after 10 years or so. Hence he seems to be just alum from Shanmugha who seems to have a vivid imagination. Visit Anush for a good read every time you get on his blog.

Megha's YumnYum is one of those blogs I landed on after looking at my referral stats. Upon mutual enquiry, we found that both of us could not figure out how I had been referred from her page (could it be BlogSnob?), but going by the Star Trek reference on her very first post, her Walk In the Clouds seemed to be a nice addition to the eclectic collection of blogs on my blogroll. Her later posts easily added credence to my opinion and her choice of music seems to be in parallel with my tastes. .

Mitochondria a.k.a Mito is an enigma. The self admission that Mito's parents are both doctors led Anand to wonder if Manoj Night Shyamalan and Mito is one and the same person, but Mito seems to be a student in the Film School at Athens. Notice that I have not used my univ name or the word "here" before "at Athens" in the previous line. That is because no one here at Athens seems to have heard of an Indian, particularly a Chennai-ite at the Film School and also because Athens seems to be a name fairly common among university towns - other towns with the same name are in Georgia etc. Mito is currently in Chennai on a visit and a return to the US will probably tell me whether we reside in the same environs. Mito's return will probably also solve the mystery behind the name of his blog - Uzuguzu.

IswarOne is Suddenlee, Another of those graduates from my alma mater who seem to have taken quite a liking for the virtual world. A member of the Cooler Wing and not to mention a fellow RC (till he reportedly lost that qualification after a dalliance in Banglore), he wears his heart in his sleeve and spouts such lines as "Adakkam amararul uikkum agangaamai aappu adithu vidum" with aplomb. He also seems to be the originator of another classic line that starts with Vaazhkayil vettiyai, naaripona jettiyai that seems to have earned him the title - JattiKoothan. I only wish he posts more of such gems in addition to his serious posts on life and its quirks.

Lastly Megh(a)na, the femme fatale mentioned at various points of time in this blog finally decided that she has to join the band wagon too. And join she did with a gem! If she were to get a penny for every thought of hers, she would not need a job at all. But will she be as prolific as she should be? Only time shall answer this question. As for me, I have known her well enough over these last three years that just her single look on certain things is enough. Munnabai ayela hai ! Bolega to ekdum solid blog, kya?

Welcome aboard guys! I find your posts entertaining and I am sure this will be an opinion shared by every reader who comes to your page from mine.

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