Tuesday, September 09, 2003

Must Watch Movies

I watched Speilberg's Duel a couple of days ago. My only comments are that no Indian movie has come even close to beating this movie in this genre. It's an awesome "highway movie". RGV's "Road" came close, but the insertion of the "item" number(s) spoiled an effort that was shaping up to becoming a classic. I am, however, unware at the moment whether "Road" has/had an Hollywood "inspiration" at all. Someone fill me in please.

This is my list of "must watch" movies. Each week, I am watching atleast a couple of movies in this list and am constantly adding more as and when I hear of stuff that I have no idea about. "Duel" was one such pick.

This list does not, however reflect on the quality of the movies mentioned, but is an indication of just how much the other efforts of these individuals have captured my attention. This might not turn out to be the online equivalent of Oprah's book list, but it my own wish list, all the same. So people, feel free to suggest more movies.

Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil
Swimming with Sharks
Glengarry Glen Ross
Consenting Adults
Big Kahuna, The

Apocalypse Now
Working Girl

Brian De Palma
Bonfire of the Vanities
Wise Guys

Jackie Brown

Bird on a Wire
Air America

Schindler's List
Artificial Intelligence: AI

Tigerland (2000)

Brad Pitt
Seven Years in Tibet
Meet Joe Black
Cutting Class
Happy Together
Cool World
Devil's Own, The
Twelve Monkeys
No Man's Land

Wall Street
8 Million Ways to Die

R.De Niro
Once Upon a Time in America
Angel Heart
Wag the Dog

Bachelor Party
Man with One Red Shoe, The
That Thing You Do!

Matt Damon
The Talented Mr.Ripley

Ed Norton
Primal Fear

P.S I haven't linked to any of these movies. To know more about these movies, Just go on to IMDB.com and search for the movie.

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