Thursday, June 10, 2004

Gmail Swap

Whatever was I thinking when I posted this?

Hmmm... guess thats what happens when you stay up till three in the morning working on your thesis and then you find you have something a lot of other people dont have and then you also realise that you lack something that a lot of other people have. Anyways, I did intend this to be a humorous take on my situation, but then I have actually received feelers from some ppl wanting Gmail and Orkut invites. Thankfully these ppl seem to have taken my explanation in the right sense and luckily I can invite them to Orkut without any problems. Needless to say I am terribly embarassed!

I know I look like the fool that I am, but hey, I blame it on the lack of sleep! But since I have mentioned it, as a joke or otherwise, yes, I am on a desperate search for a manufacturing or production planning job/internship in the US and Ohio seems to be the wrong place to be in right now.

A lot of ppl tell me that a blog is a good networking tool and hence this post. So, while I am certainly not dangling the Gmail invite as a carrot, I would certainly appreciate any help with the job hunt. Will send you a copy of my resume if you think you would be able to help.

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