Thursday, October 14, 2004

The new dictionary of the Indian BCCI team?

These should be the new classifications and some of the words in the Indian BCCI team’s cricketing dictionary. The first set of words is the words that shall hence forth be referred to as Key Words – words that are key to any success both in the present and in the future. The next set of words are termed Illegal Words/Phrases - the ones that need to be dropped from use because they seem to be words that are not being used any where else in the world where cricket is played professionally. The third group is the set of Other Words – words and phrases that are still used world-wide, but in a restrained, qualified manner (unlike India) to ensure that they do not overrule the use of the first set, i.e. the Key Words

1: Key words/Phrasesruns, wickets, bowler, batsman, opener, wicket keeper, long term, fitness, true pitches, professional management (assets and talent), rest, independent facility management.

2: Illegal words/Phrases: make shift, short-term, experiment, the team’s cause, part time.

3: Other Word/Phrases (for Qualified use): all rounder, foot work, style, numbers.

The timing of the post might actually look wrong, because India seem to be doing well at this point of time (I mean today). But if you really look closer and follow the progress of the Indian BCCI cricket team, you will probably understand what I am trying to tell you here, because the (seemingly) small blemishes seem to be because the Indian BCCI team works according to some of these words from the second and the third set and ignores some of the other key words from the first. Please leave your comments!

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