Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Gulty gal, Guilty Girl

Disclaimer: Now that one knows how people react to a single guy's pronouncements about women, in fact the barest mention of the word "gal", one feels compelled to issue a disclaimer. Here it is - No Telugu speaking living being was harmed during the making of this blog post. Neither does this blogger have a hidden agenda nor it is the flavor of the season to poke fun on such people. However, being a single guy, one felt a need to drive away all the misconceptions that have been propogated and hence this post. We do hope that this post has some rhyme and if so, all kudos go to Art and Paul. So there. Stop seeing any hidden meanings behind the post. Oh wait, there was at least one and that was DEFINITELY not what you thought it was.

Once there was a Gulty gaal,
She used words like “whee” and all.
Ask, she did, about other gult chamiyas,
Answer, we did, without any guilt and bias.

Then it started, the pulling of limbs,
Scared away the occasional crumbs.
Our admirers came from near and far,
Thought “Oh dear, so near and yet so far”.

Our likeness was hunted for,
A single one was accounted for.
When pointed, it was, to every boy and gal,
Laughed at, it was, from here to hell.

Our celluloid taste tossed and sullied,
Like ellipsoidal shreds and then buried.
Our acknowledged industriousness,
was then mistaken for bull & nonsense.

Our music, our dance and fine language,
(Windy one time, windy two time)
was treated just like some smelly garbage.
(Windy one time, windy two time).

Soon start we did, to talk in rhyme,
Parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme.
Set out we did, walking erect and tall
Try we did, to explain to one and all

Hear Hear, all ye hear,
Chamiya log from far and near.
Punjy, Bong, Tam, Mal and Gult,
But no single gal is yet exempt.

Call me up sometime,
Let’s meet up all the time,
Let’s look at the moon, and at the sun
Till that you’ve done, you’ll miss all the fun.

Lest you assume, we are not mad
Lest you decide, the chamiya’s not bad.
In the cloud, she surely sounds silly,
But ask the crowd, she really is funny.


Ravages said...

'thus spake anti.......'

LOL! No, thus waxed eloquent anti, poetic humour

:-) said...

awesome stuff man. You even came up with links to comments. me impressed.

?! said...

Siggghhh...you finally realized ...

Nahin nahin pagle, yeh khushi ke aansoo hain!

(no, Khushi is not a chamiya. Ask some well-disposed gal to explain you that, preferably under that moon.)

(For a start, pal, you have been sadly misled. Chamiya is not a Term of Endearment. Chamiya is what sidey extra says when he vissils as buxom heroine passes at aathangara oram and gets thrashed up by polyester lungi with purple butterfly print wearing hero. See what she has made you do.)

anantha said...

?!: Duh, hum itna Hindi zaroor jaanthe hain! Hum kisi ladki ko aaj tak Chamiya nahi bole hain. :)

Smiley: Thankoo...Btw, we love massa Shredder! As some said the other day, massa shredder could just be your own babe magnet! Can we borrow him for a day or two, when we get to India later this year? :D

Ravages: He he :)

Srihari said...

Why are the Gults the flavour
of the season?
Is it a hidden agenda, or
is there no rhyme or reason?

Deepa said...


anantha said...

Deepa: What.. Subhanallah? Ya, sure. He is pure from all faults. But are we? Hmm.. that is a question that we ask ourselves every night before we hit the sack.

Srihari: No Telugu speaking living being was harmed during the making of this blog post. Neither does this blogger have a hidden agenda nor it is the flavor of the season to poke fun on such people. However, the reason intention behind such a post is to drive away all the misconceptions that have been propogated about this blogger by the other blogger who is the subject of this post. But we do hope that there is some rhyme on this post. We also hope your visit has been enjoyable and thank you for this honor. Please visit again.

Nilu said...

nalla thana da iruntha? enna achhu? raapi enna pannan unna?

Anonymous said...

Aiyo saami... To quote ravi and Jp and a lot of other people
"Nalla dhaaney da irundheenga ..."


Saranya Kishore said...

Hey I dint understand the 'inner meaning' as such, but liked the poem nonetheless. :)

anantha said...

SK: Thank you. The inner meanings, they are selective. So don't worry :D

Prabhu: Who JP? the same guy who has been watching movies for so long now?

Nilu: I have said this a number of times - You are poramai.

Hardu said...

Good one. Everyone seems to be in a rhyming mood these days and that too pretty long ones! :)

Artful Badger said...

Interesting :)

anantha said...

Ramani: We make a honest effort. :)

Hardu: Thanx.. Everyone??? Who? :p btw.. congrats!

Hardu said...

Thanks. :) Everyone meaning... you, alpha, ash...I can't make even 2 lines rhyme, so I am really zapped and wondering how you guys manage it.

anantha said...

Hardu: None of those words rhymed, except for "rhyme" and "thyme" and even then I have only Paul and Art to thank for!

Anand said...

1 words .... obsessed .. should been following the blog 2 closely that U could write a few para's of rhythms

take it easy man !!!!

anantha said...

Anand: Hmmm... We were merely clearing the air...lol...

Anand said...

ok ok I understand !! BTW I havent seen any comments for the intented person for whom you are "clearing the air"

anantha said...

Anand: While the person directly referred here has acknowledged the post, the person(s) that we are clearing the air for, don't seem to have seen this blog or this post. So we are as we were three days ago, anonymous and stupid :D

Shashi Rajasekaran said...

why am i tempted to read this in tune with "ek mein aur ek tu hai"

anantha said...

shashi: Dont ask me. I dont know. :p

Sriram said...


anantha said...

Sriram: Thankx ;)

Twilight Fairy said...


This is punju chamiya
responding to your distress call,
Forget all the chamiya's,
With smiley you can have a ball :).

anantha said...

TF: Tussi Punju chamiya ho? Waah Sohniye!

Faily...Hum dono Veeru or Jai ki tarah phutphutiya mein gaana gaathe hue jaa rahe hain aur aap humare is dosthi ka beizzati kar rahe hain.. Haai yeh zaalim duniya....

Faily...ET TU? ET TU??? And to think we wished you the best on your birthday...

Shobha said...

well, frankly I am kinda clueless about this whole post. However whilst going thru the comments I could see the Hindi comments by you and I should say I am quite impressed with the Hindi. Frankly, I thought you were also the 'hindi nahi maloom' bunch :p Ha ha :p Damn cool :D

anantha said...

Shobha: Good. You are not alone. Now, even I am clueless. Cool, na.. Humko Hindi achi thara aathi hai. Sirf gaane gaathe vakth hum gulthi idhar udhar karthe hain. :)

visithra said...

now u know i didnt ask the question before but until this disclaimer appeared never thought i would have to ask - now ennapa kathai?? me so the curious

anantha said...

visit: Please avuthuvittufy onga "secret" university matter and we will tell all the kadhai you want..idhu eppadi irruku? ;)

visithra said...

ennaku no prob - erkanaveh someone has ooutufy

so nambeh intha matter ku vahruhvohm

visithra said...

sorry i meant avuthuvittufy

anantha said...

Visit: Adhu vera onnum illa. Jujubee matter. A lot of insinuations and rumours have been flying around regarding my interests. So I wanted to clear that all up. Avalodhaan!

Anonymous said...

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visithra said...

i see isee - though clearing sounds like admitting? hummm how come?