Thursday, August 21, 2003

Answers for the cricket quiz!
Sometime back, I posted a cricket quiz on this blog. Here are the answers with the questions for convinience.

01. Ellis Edgar Achong played 38 first class matches including 6 test matches for the West Indies in the period between 1929 and 1935. Primarily a bowler, he finished his first class career with 110 wickets at 30.23 runs apeice. He also stood one Test Match as a umpire in 1953/54 (West Indies versus England, 4th test at Port of Spain). Little else is known about this son of a Chinese father and a Trinidadian mother, but he has contributed a term used these days in cricket (more often these days, when Australia is playing). What term are we talking about?
Ans. Chinaman, which a left arm spinner, for example, Michael Bevan or Paul Adams, bowls. It is a mirror image of the leg break bowled by a right arm spinner.

02. Five of the authors of the British Journal of Sports Medicine (BJSM) article titled “Exact moment of a gastrocnemius muscle strain captured on video" are Orchard JW, Alcott E, James T, Farhart P, Portus M. Name the sixth "author". (I have a copy of the journal article and the actual videos that were part of the article too. Ask me if you want to see them.)
Ans. Stephen Rodger Waugh. Look here for more details. The abstract of the journal article follows:"A left gastrocnemius strain was sustained by an elite cricket batsman while he was taking off to run. The exact moment of injury, captured by a camera in the middle stump, appears to correspond to the sudden appearance of a deficit in the gastrocnemius muscle, seen through the player's trousers. The strain occurred when the entire body weight was on the left foot with the centre of mass well in front of the leg. The injury probably occurred close to the time when the gastrocnemius complex was moving from an eccentric to an isometric phase."

03. Yorkshire's Herbert Sutcliffe and Percy Holmes put on a record partnership for the first wicket against Essex at Leyton. It was then the highest partnership for any wicket in first-class cricket history. What brand name of cigarettes (allegedly) takes its name from this partnership ?
Ans. 555 cigarettes, this could be a urban legend too, which is why I used the word "allegedly".

04. Who was the only bowler to have got Don Bradman out hitting his own wicket ?
Ans. Lala Amarnath.

05. In 1949, Australian Broadcasting Corporation changed its P.O Box number. What was the occasion and what was it changed to?
Ans. The occasion was the conferring of the knighthood on Don Bradman and the number was changed to 9994 to match his test average of 99.94.

06. Who is the only player to have opened the bowling, the batting and also keep wickets, all in the same test match ?
Ans. Budhi Kunderan.

07. Brett Lee has two nicknames. The first is is Bing. His second nickname is what? And why is it that way?
Ans. Oswald, because someone noticed that the immediately preceding names in the batting line up of the New South Wales team were Lee (Shane Lee) and Harvey (Ian Harvey). Hence Brett Lee got the nickname "oswald" from Lee Harvey Oswald (JFK's alleged assasin)

08. A "famous" cat called Peter (it was REALLY called Peter, I swear) died in 1965 in London. Where did it usually loiter and what is so trivially strange about its death?
Ans. It was member of the feline family, supposedly a cat that lived on the ground of Lord's in London. When it died, its obituary appeared on the next edition of Wisden, making it the only animal (other than homo sapiens) to have its obituary featured in the magazine. fyi, W.G.Grace's mother was the first lady to have her obituary appear on Wisden.

09. Who was the non-striker when Javed Miandad hit that famous last-ball six off Chetan Sharma at Sharjah?
Ans. Tauseef Ahmed.

10. Soccer, Cricket Connection - Whats common to Franz Beckanbauer and Mario Zagallo and Geoff Marsh?
Ans. Only people to have won World Cups (albeit in different sports), both as player and coach.


To compare your entries with the correct answers, please see this link. In addition, Shashi replied on IM and he gets 3 points out of a maximum of 10. Kuzh and V.V.Ramanan will get their viruses and scores (respectively) over email.

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