Thursday, August 21, 2003

Quiz in Chennai and that too in Ethiraj!

A week since my last post and the world is still the same. The status quo remains and will remain so till someone flicks the switch off a nuclear bomb somewhere or cut a power line somewhere in Northern Ohio. And that is something we don't have to really bother. So why talk about it.

And yeah, quizzing scene in Chennai still hot I guess. A team from IIT(M) beat the British National Champions in the University Challenge, a couple of weeks ago. The annual Landmark Quiz as usual set records for attendance last week. The QFI rocks as usual and Ethiraj wants a quiz master for their general quiz early next month. *siggggggggghhhhhhhh, if only I was in Chennai. Another chance for watching the birds. Hmmmmm.

About the quizzing scene here in Ohio, the lesser said the better. I get off by frequenting the Trivia Tango Chatroom on MSN which is full of Mumbai teens. But one of the professors (Dr.Masel) in my department made it to the final in "Who wants to be a millionaire" here in the US. His "Phone buddies" were another professor in my department, Dr.Hale and his (Dr. Masel's) father. A peice of trivia that Dr.Hale told us at our first seminar class in September 2001. If you have seen the movie "The Crucible" starring Winona Ryder, Daniel Day Lewis (among others), you would definitely remember the "Reverend Hale" character played by Rob Campbell (also starred in Unforgiven). This was Dr.Hale's great-great grandfather (i might be mistaken about the number of "greats", but he was a direct ancestor). One more peice of trivia. If you have seen Michael Madan Kamarajan, and if you remember the start of the song "Ram Bam Bam", the guy on the motorbike thats following Raju's (Kamalhassan) fire engine is my former landlord's son who was my brother's buddy. Trivia everywhere regardless of the place.

And keeping up with the theme, I found this joke that appears on the QOTD today, on the Net when I was trying to tell one of these goras that the questions on "Kaun Banega Crorepati" are the toughest among the different versions of "Who wants to be a millionaire". Enjoy.

QOTD: "Kitne options the ? Chaar ! Soover ke bachchon ! Chaar chaar options ! Bahut na-insaafi hai ! Dhish-keoin Dhish-keoin ! 50-50 kar ke do galat jawab main uda diye. Ab bol, tera kaya hoga kaaliya?" - Gabbar Singh hosting an imaginary episode of Kaun Banega Crorepati.

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