Monday, January 26, 2004

College Bowl and the Laser show!

It was a busy day, quizzing wise yesterday. I was on a competitive quiz playing for much more than just fun, after more than a couple of years. In 2001, just before I left India, actually just the day before my departure, I spent the most part of the afternoon and evening (much to my parents's consternation), at the Landmark Quiz 2001.

V and D were my team mates at this event which marked the first and hopefully the last time when Derek O'Brien. As was the case in every edition of the Landmark quiz that I have attended, I did not make the finals. Ya... I am not that good. But well, I am hooked to the highs that competitive quizzing offers.

So when I found that my univ has a competetive quizzing (College Bowl) club active again after a gap of 15 years, since last summer, I decided to go to the weekly meetings. I started going, a couple of weeks after the start of the Fall quarter and have been going every week since then. It has been a good time so far and though I don't do much, considering my abject lack of knowledge when it comes to American pop culture (which is one of the main focus areas), I have been able to make their jaws drop sometimes (an example). So much that I, if the official univ finals did not get enough participation, I was to go as the fifth member of the team to represent my univ at the regional nationals.

Well, the univ College Bowl finals was yesterday and I was part of the team (along with D,JJ and K) that won the final match after round robin preliminaries during which each of the three teams faced each other twice. We finished 3-1 in the round robin matches and won the finals comfortably. But I found myself out the top 5 individual performers and hence will not be in the official team for the regional nationals at Albion, Michigan in February. Thats fine, though, cos I am sure I would be excess baggage.

In the evening, the ISA here at my univ had this do for the Republic Day where one of the events was a Laser conducted pot-pourri. FYI, a pot-pourri event is a game comprising of a number of different rounds - quizzes, pictionary (Tinttoretto, for some), Dumb-C etc. My team was picked randomly from a pool of 12 participants (incl. me). The whole thing was an anti-climax with me missing coupla sitters and then having an incorrect answer ruled incorrect with the QM being incorrect too. The luck of the draw proving costly too as we could not get the "Quit India movement" right at pictionary and "Pelican Brief" correct in Dumb-C. Finished third overall.

However had a fun time miming the "Brief" part of "Pelican Brief". I was never a good DumB-C guesser as S and B would vouch, so thought I should mime. Mimed Superman and indicated that he wears whatever should be worn inside, outside. My team mates guessed what i was trying to tell them, but not the exact word. It was fun and everyone was roaring with laughter.

Watched a bit of the movie Sarfarosh and got back home through the second biggest snow storm I have seen in my life. P's car got frightfully stuck on the way up the hill and the car was skidding this way and that way tried to come up the last few meters before turning into our driveway. Scary to see the zero grip that the tires were getting on the icy road up the hill. We, finally got up after 5 minutes of skidding.

However, it was a fun day overall.

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