Friday, April 30, 2004

I am There, No? - A simple masala story.

(Note: The following masala story appeared in a mailing list for "non-gaboors" that I am a part of. Thought it was, as most contemporary Bollywood laugh-fest screenplays are, funny. Any inadvertent plot exposes are intentional! If this story is truly appearing on the screen as you read this, then you can watch this movie at your own risk.)

I am There, No? - A simple masala story.

Mr. Villain is a terrorist, and Mr. Hero is a soldier. Initially at the start of the movie there is a fierce battle between them and finally Mr. Hero manages to catch Mr.Villain, and puts him in jail.

Now Mr. Hero deserves a promotion to General, but as there are some seniors who are Jealous of his success, point out that he has not completed the necessary education. So the officials grant him a leave to go back to the college. Mr. Hero joins this college, but as he is the older than all the guys out there, there is a lot of teasing and he is not accepted in any group.

But slowly, he starts mixing with the group, and if there is any problem his "I am there no" attitude, always comforts everyone and soon everyone starts liking him. He helps Mr. Lover get Ms. Lover, and also has a love story going on with the teacher Ms. Heroine. He is also invited to stay at Mr. Lover house. And Mr. Lover 's mom treats him as her own son. Even Ms. Heroine falls in love with Mr. Hero but seeing that all he does is timepass, to make him study she tells him that they both can carry on if he passes the exam.

The final exams are going on when suddenly Mr. Villain manages to run from the jail, and the only person who can catch him Mr. Hero is called back. He gives his last paper and goes off for the fight. There is big fight, and at the end there is a big Bomb explosion, where we feel that Mr. Hero also died.

As the news reaches the city, everyone is crying, and the scene is going on in Mr. Lover's house where all the star-cast is crying badly, where they are saying that he even cleared the exam with flying colors. When suddenly there is a sound from the back "Why are you crying I am there no". Every one turns and there Mr. Hero is standing in General's dress.

Big music, A small flashback showing Mr. Hero running away from the bomb that killed Mr. Villain. And everyone runs to meet him. Cool story! Now everybody go watch the above story in a theater near you!

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