Friday, April 23, 2004

Revenge? Whoa whoa...Grow up!

Thanks to Veeyes, I came across this write-up on Thalaiver's latest political moves. Though on the whole, the author does not seem to take any sides, some of his comments seem rather un-informed and gives a picture of someone who's just covering the issue as a naive bystander, rather than a news analyst that I would have expected BBC to press to work, esspecially his description of Rajini's stand in this issue.

Though, I am actually critical of the fact that Rajini seems to potray himself as an aspirant for a political career, I actually think he knows what he is doing. So far, he has had an uncanny knack of supporting the right causes - ranging from his appeal on telly against Jaya (it was then a just cause, though i am not exactly sure how different the MK govt was in the succeeding years after that election) to his recent stand on the common water policy and the linking of the rivers issue. This has perhaps endeared him to the already doting public in TN.

But some of the comments from by the "political analysts" quoted in this article really pissed me off. Right from the days of MGR etc., the average Tamil voter (at least the one from economically weaker classes) have always been swayed by charisma and "style" rather than performance, so its unfair to blame only Rajini's fans as sufferers from this malaise!

(P.S All those of you who did not know earlier what my nick (i.e. superstarksa) stands for, now you know!)

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