Friday, August 27, 2004

Exaggerated Eminence

Looks like aNTi would be come the next youth icon in Bangalore. Already the number of girls who have asked me and my friends "you know aNTi?" is approaching double digits! - Sanjeeth.

But it now looks like the reports of my sudden metoric rise in eminence in and around the Garden city of Bangalore might be greatly exaggerated. After some vague responses pertaining to the current superstar of Karnataka, Upendra and his successor, he let the cat out of the bag that there have been four instances when he has been asked if was acquainted to me since he graduated from Shanmugha. too. A break-up of the four instances gives me the impression that people who know me (or want to know me, I hope) are also in the KQA and attend "Ad contests" (as participants??).

And contrary to what Sanjeeth thinks, I cannot explain this. BTW, he has to yet clarify who those questioners were/are. Does that mean that those questioners were not members of the opposite sex? Well, they don't know what they are missing here.

Update: Sanjeeth has issued a rejoinder to his original comment. He was asking for such a post from me after making a one liner. But then he thought I was pissed off and I wasn't. I just wanted to know if I know everybody who knows me. Anyways, the crux of the matter is that I know I am "humorous". But fact is, I think I did not have any speaking parts in those "ads" that Sanjeeth mentions. And even if I did, I don't know if those would qualify as "humor" - given that we lifted plot lines randomly from pop culture. However, having said that I won't run away from compliments, because I could use some right now. So if someone thinks I was/am humorous, damn right I am! Thanks Sanjeeth, for bringing this out to the open ;). And for heavens sake, if someone asks you about me, feel free to pass on my email adress (I will hold on to my cell phone number for now)!

(P.S I am not anybody's Thalaivar. I am just a thondan - thalaivar anbai naadi avar pinnadi nirkkkum oru sarasari thondan!)


Anonymous said...

Hii.. Anti.. Loon time indeed..
So.. Looks like I can Check out If Sanjeev is Exxagerrating or Not, once I reach Bangalore.. Tomorrow..

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