Thursday, August 19, 2004

Ohio University - a Top 5 party school?

The Princeton Review ranks Ohio University (Athens, Ohio) among the top 5 in the list of party schools. It is also rumored that Playboy refused to include OU in a similar list because OU is "in a different plane by itself"! BTW, I plan to graduate from this very place 10 days from now.

Though, I don't know of any response from the univ so far, as opposed to responses from the other schools on the list (easily viewable after a small google search and so I shall not take the pain of giving links), but upon searching the univ website for the key words "party schools, princeton", I see that the first link is a press release from 1998, when OU last made the list (perhaps). Interestingly, this page seems to have been modified on "2004-01-07 02:09:31". But the response toes the same line as those adopted by the other schools - that the Princeton Review "has never been known for credible surveying methods".

However, OU being a party town does not hold any significance to me - a relative teetotaler compared to the binge drinkers that I see among the undergrads on campus every Thursday, Friday and Saturday (yeah, the weekend starts on Thursday evenings here). In fact I am out of touch with the bar scene here in Athens, a small sleepy town when the univ is at break during the summer and for five weeks in November-December.

Mom, before you break into sweat, look carefully at the list. Even Wisc-Mad (reputedly a research oriented school) is on this list and it is number 3! So, don't worry. And frankly I care a damn about such things!

I don't know that you have to immediately make the connection between happy students and the use of alcohol - OU spokesman Hub Burton responding to a question from the Athens Post.

And probably as a response, the college website has this link on its front page.

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