Thursday, May 08, 2003

Go, Dog, Go!

Using Netscape certainly has its virtues. First, I am contributing to the fight against the monopolistic tendencies of the "Big Brother" of the Internet (actually the computer world) aka William Gates II. But the better reason (for all you Linux users, "GO LINUX !", in case you wanna lynch me for downgrading your cause) for me is that I have really not got around changed the default web page (which is in Netscape 7.0 to Cricinfo, which is my IE homepage.

Now, has a wide range of interesting links everyday. A couple of days back, they had links to the Time magazine cover story on the biggest tornado this spring i.e. Matrix Reloaded. And being a harcore thalaiver fan (and of late, of the Wachowski brothers as well), I enjoyed the cover story to the last word.

But one of today's links took the bone. Well read this interesting and funny piece - Go, Dog, Go!

[ Thu May 08, 03:26:50 PM | Ananthanarayanan Subramanian |
Kaa Karoon Sajni... Aaye na Balam...

I was just listening to this beautiful song by Yesudas. He definitely has sung some real beauties in Hindi. When Audiogalaxy was still rocking, I had the good fortune of finding atleast a dozen of his Hindi songs and boy I was i raptures. "Gori Tera" from Chitchor, "Janeman Janeman" from Choti si baat are my favorites from this collection

Wonder why he did not get to sing more in Hindi. But then, he certainly has been very choosy. Maybe A R Rahman has given him some of his most wonderful songs lately. "Nenje Nenje" from Rakshagan and "Oh Bhavre" from Daud have been gems from these two. Chamak Cham Cham was also good, though the other songs in the album did not become too popular.

Anways, thats my mood for the day. Melancholic mainly but it should change when the law of the averages catches up. After all tomorrow is another day....

QOTD: "Idleness and lack of occupation tend - nay are dragged - towards evil." - Hippocrates

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