Friday, May 09, 2003

Lightning strikes the same place twice - True or False

I just saw this English County Roundup on the Cricinfo page. This is awesome stuff from the Scottish Saltires (okie, thats how the English county teams are named these days), who beat the strong Somerset team (featuring England opener Marcus Trescothick among others). They beat Durham comprehensively a couple of days ago and now this. Dravid's gonna be starting out with a team thats on a roll. But the team still does not have a sponsor. How the heck are they finding the money to pay Dravid!

But what makes this victory even more sweeter is that on the 7th, Saltires were trounced by Somerset by 10 wickets in a Cheltenham and Gloucester Cup match. Trescothick scored 103 then and today he scored 80. The Scots were guided to a victory (not without help from Messers. Duckworth and Lewis, which by the way does nothing with the sheen over this victory) by hard hitting opener Ryan Watson who topscored with 103 of just 44 balls (!!!!!) studded with 5 sixes (4 of which came of successive deliveries).

Anyways... read this account of the match from the Daily Telegraph... interesting... - Scotland shock Somerset

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