Wednesday, October 08, 2003


I don't know about you, but I'm getting sick of pretending to be excited every time it's somebody's birthday, you know what I mean? What is the big deal? How many times do we have to celebrate that someone was born? Every year, over and over... All you did was not die for twelve months. That's all you've done, as far as I can tell. Now those astrology things where they tell you all the people that have the same birthday as you? It's always an odd group of people too, isn't it? It's like Ed Asner, Elijah Muhammed and Secretariat.

Ok.. That was one of my gurus Jerry Sienfeld (click here to read/download the complete set of Sienfeld scripts, unofficial though) on birthdays. Anyways.. Thanks for all the shirts.. My wardrobe was crying out for a revamp! Thanks for the cake too. As Akash/Sameer would affirm, I would have done anything for a piece of cake, particular one as good as yesterdays. Only that my hair would have been satisfied with much less cake than it got!