Saturday, October 04, 2003

New faces!

When I last updated my blogroll, I had signed off by saying that I might have missed some one. Actually I realized yesterday that I did miss some one. Sorry George! I enjoy your pieces so much that I am the first person who is surprised to have missed adding you.

The other new face on my blogroll writes for Cricinfo for his bread and butter and maintains a weblog for fun. Part of the QED team that has won the Landmark Quiz in Chennai more than once in the last few years. A familiar face at the QFI at Chennai - Samanth Subramanian! Welcome to the fold (I meant, my blogroll ;) )!

As an aside, Samanth's team mates are Ravi Venkatesh (last seen on SRMEC's campus) and Mohan. The last mentioned, I heard, was part of the IIT(M) team that thrashed Brickbeck College, University of London, the British National Champions, at the University Challenge Quiz on BBC.