Tuesday, October 28, 2003

A hypothetical look at a desi version of "FRIENDS"

Shobha is certainly one hell of a FRIENDS buff. But so am I. I may not remember each and every guest actor/actress but I go as far as reading old scripts during lunch breaks. And I have ended up spilling food more than once over my table. Luckily haven't damaged my comp keyboard yet :). Previously when had Kazaa on my lab comp, we used to d/l old episodes and watch them at our convenience - during lunch breaks. Now no Kazaa..So only scripts...

Shobha has a FRIENDS centric post on her blog. She says a big screen version of FRIENDS would follow after the end of the tenth and last season, which begins soon. I wonder where she got that piece of info. Shobha, kindly clarify...

She also poses a hypothetical question. Who could star in a desi big screen version of FRIENDS. I started this post out on her comments box, but thought it would be prudent to post it on here. So here goes my cast for a Desi FRIENDS.

If I were to think of TV series or a movie that came close to capturing the essence of FRIENDS, it would be Dil Chahta Hai. Hence my cast is also the complete cast of DCH (weill almost)! This is the closest thing ever to the FRIENDS cast.


Chandler could be Aamir (funny, cynical and romantic as Akash in DCH)

Joey could be Saif (hopelessly stupid and romantic as Sameer)

Ross could be Madhavan (He's shown he can emote and also has a good comic sense, as is evident from his movies - AP, Minnale (RHTDM in Hindi) , Dum Dum Dum and Run)

Female parts... I dunno.. Cannot go beyond Preity Zinta for Phoebe cos she always seems to get these effervescent roles that make her jump up and down - a perfect fit for Phoebe. As for Rachel and Monica, this needs careful thinking.

Could we fit in Urmila for Monica? I think she could carry it off. Challenge is finding a fit for Rachel. The character is the most diverse. Because everyone else is just what they seem to be.

Rachel seems so normal at first sight, but then the things she does just gives her away.. Hmm..Sridevi could have been just right for this, at her heyday, that is. Sridevi as the bungling journo in Mr.India was just so Rachel! But then this is all hypothetical after all.. Hence Sridevi it is...

As for the supporting cast, Gunther could be someone like Rajpal Yadav (watch out for him in Mein Madhuri Dixit Banna Chahti Hoon). I would have gone for someone like Johnny Lever or Vivek for that matter, but both of them seem incapable of underplaying a character or remain silent for that matter. Come to think of it, Nagesh would have done much better. So Nagesh it would be, as Gunther.

And as much as I can try, I can't find someone from Bollywood suitable to play Janice. So, I am gonna look south and it could actually be Kovai Sarala.

Now am I missing some recurring character here ? Yeah, Ross and Monica's parents. Just pick one Rajshri movie and pick a pair of elderly actor/actresses who play the uncles/aunts. These characters provide the laughs while all the father/mother characters serve to jack up the tissue quotient.

I think it can't get better than this. To summarize...

Ross - Madhavan
Chandler - Aamir Khan
Joey - Saif Ali Khan
Rachel - Sridevi (i.e. the Mrs. Boney Kapoor)
Monica - Urmila
Phoebe - Preity Zinta

What say guys... Your views.. Shobha?