Thursday, February 05, 2004


Terminology catches up fast. Lazy Geek writes about possible actions that the FCC is considering for live events - major being a 5 second lag. So all those live matches would be "Deferred Live" - as we were informed during the soccer world cup last in 2002.

Well, as one of the comments on Lazy Geek's post, echoing the Geek's own post, mentions, this system would not work with games like cricket where, thankfully, the game is not affected by TV coverage. In fact in Australia, Channel Nine and other stations regularly cut from live cricket to their regular programs.

Quite the opposite here in America, where, yesterday, ESPN deferred the start of its 11:00pm Sports Center till the end of the Cavs home game against the Lakers, which went into overtime, maybe due to the wastage of valuable seconds by LeBron James till he went off balance trying to beat the shot clock and break the tie with a huge 3 pointer.

The comedy of errors that this "clothing malfunction" has degenerated too, has every captivated cartoonist in America. Daryl Cage's Professional Cartoonists Index (on Slate) has 12 pages of Janet Jackson at the Super Bowl. Some of them even feature Mr. Phil of Punxsutawney, the groundhog weatherman who signals the advent of spring every year on the 2nd of February (GroundHog Day)every year, which this year coincided with Super Bowl Monday and the day after the most talked about expose in America after the Woodward and Bernstein's expose of the Watergate Hotel break-in in 1972. Depending on which source you would believe, Mr. Phil has been left deeply scarred or deeply scared by the sight of Ms. Jackson's right mammary that he has said that winter would last for another 6 weeks for sure. Well, isn't that what he says every year?

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