Sunday, February 15, 2004

A tribute to a little known master-type fellow!

Kumaraguru's comment on my last post pointed me to a newsgroup that had not seen before today - One of the threads that caught my attention was this - Americans and Cricket. As the case is with un-moderated groups, some of the 81 messages so far in thread were very offensive.

One of the messages on the thread instructed everyone to search for "Sane Warne is 9" on Google Groups (which were then on Usenet, i think), just to get an example of the offensiveness that has been a staple of Usenet messages once in a while. Upon searching, I landed on perhaps the most interesting and yet unknown online sensation, even rivalling that Ramesh Mahadevan - Perumalselva Pandiyan. The fad seems to have even spawned a fan group of his own - Check out Sadly the whole thing seemed to have died down towards the end of 1999. But between May and December of 1999, Perumalselva Pandian seemed to have blazed a solitary path through

I have spent the last one hour laughing at the various references to brinjals, crows, dildoa tins (i can only surmise from the references to cooking that accompany the last mentioned term, that it refers to Dalda, which for the non-Indian readers, is a generic name for edible vegetable fat used for cooking) used in relation to the game of cricket, of which Perumalselva Pandiyan seems to have been an expert at. He also seems to be a fan of T.Rajendar and seems to consider T.Rajendar the finest orator ever. On the flip-side PP (as he was fondly known in the later days of his sourjoun on RSC) seems to be extremely casteist and seems to hate anybody who hails from the parts north of the vindhyas, in fact even north of the Pulicat lake. So I have to include a cautionary P.S with this post.

And yes, I have been laughing at the sick jokes and the worsta language used by PP to embarass himself on RSC. If that makes me more worsta than him, so be it. Everybody is worsta in his/her own way.

(P.S Some of the links are N.C 17 certified. If you are under the age of 17, please skip the links. Some of the messages and the obvious casteist references might be offensive. Read at your risk, only if you can laugh. If you are uptight and can laugh only when Sardarji type of fellows are the subject of the jokes and not yourself, please skip any discussion regarding Perumalselva Pandiyan type of fellows. LOL)

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