Friday, February 20, 2004

Yuvi for opener?

Yuvraj for opener? Whoa..whoa.. where does he come in now? Cricinfo features Ganguly's comments on various issues from the opener's spot to Rahul Dravid's keeping. And Ganguly seems to have a "left of left" opinion on each one of these issues.

First Yuvraj could get in if he wants to open. So where does that leave Akash Chopra? Sehwag seems to be in the clear because Ganguly praises him elsewhere in the same peice but does not mention Akash Chopra at all! And then when commenting about Rahul Dravid's wicketkeeping duties, he says "I cannot see how we can relieve Rahul Dravid of wicketkeeping duties now that Laxman has cemented his one-day spot." I wonder what that means. Well, does it mean that Laxman and Dravid were fighting for one position that grew into two because Dravid took over the keeping duties leaving the open spot for Laxman? Hmm... we certainly have an embarassment of riches.

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