Monday, September 20, 2004

And a couple more...

For a long time now, this blog has been a shortcut for a lot of people to get their kicks from cricket. Ok, for those of you who did not notice, there is this small on the right column which updates automatically from time to time with the scores from every cricket match that matter from around the world. Ok, If you want, you can get live scores from even a match between Manicaland and Matabeleland at the Mutare Sports Club that will be played between 19 and 22 April next year, though you might have to be someone like that cow that will be chewing cud that day watched over by the Masai tribesman standing just outside the boundary line, in order to really enjoy what would be going on on that ground then. But ya, live cricket scores, thats what you get on this blog alongside the rubbish I spew from time to time.

But for people who actually read Cricinfo from the first word to the last, the time has come where you can get on a single web page to get pointed to every single interesting peice written on cricket over the preceding day or so. Check out Cricket 24x7, the site that Jagadish maintains along with Ganesh. Jagadish was with Cricinfo previously and though he now works for a company that aims to become No. 1 in the search engine business, it is obvious that he still gets his kicks out of cricket. Amit Varma thinks so too. I have been a frequent visitor to Cricket 24x7 and dunno how I missed plugging it on when I updated my blogroll sometime ago. Sorry Jagadish and Ganesh, better late than never!

The other new entrant to my blogroll is someone who might deserve a round of apologies from me. Or she might not. Anyways, Indica Indica has recently moved to a cold place and could use some warmth and a few fresh visitors on her blog. Ok, before she sends me a email bomb, I just have to say that she gets a lot more visitors than me and obviously she writes way better than me.

Welcome to my blogroll guys!


Kumaraguru said...

There's used to be a dedicated cricket blog at
it now looks like general sports blog.

Anonymous said...

OWWW!! I'm flattered and it's very cute of you.
Thanks :)


Indica said...

Hey anti

Unnoda job hunt epdi poindu irukku ? I.E right ?

anantha said...

umm... had some positives last week.. and am waiting for things to develop even more.. twiddling my thumbs for news :)