Thursday, September 09, 2004

Freud would have been proud!

Last night I had a dream! I dreamt that I was in Athens, Greece (I can see where that came from) and I won a silver medal for India after running the 4 X 400 race, running all alone (now that IS a weird dream)! Or atleast that was what I was telling people in my dream after the medal ceremony.

What I remember of the race is this. Me and the other participants start running, touch a wall, start running back and back again after touching a wall on the opposite side, repeating this 4 times (hence the name - 4 x 400?). I was winning, but I lost time turning around each time after I touched those walls. I managed to catch up with the leader every time, except that in the last leg I could not and finished second.

The weirdest part of this dream was that the winner of the race was a WOMAN! For all you first timers on this blog, I happen to be a 26 year old MAN. So now, I am gonna call up the psychoanalyst in town to discuss the freudian impulses that seem to be driving me toward such dreams! But don't worry. I have not lost my mind. I just sold it on Ebay to pay my rent for this month!

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