Friday, September 24, 2004

Nuggets from my rubbish

This passage brought a smile to my face today. It speaks of an issue close to my heart, something that worries me, but the comparison definitely made me smile. And needless to say, the writer still holds his place up there in my list of favs.

Alas, everybody has off-days. Politicians do, more often than anyone else, but even Lata Mangeshkar can sing badly some day, A R Rahman can compose a poor tune. Hindustan Lever and Tiger Woods are in a slump longer than anyone could have imagined. And poor old Indian cricket never even got into the league of those four entities! - Harsha Bhogle (Indian Express)

And I hate Microsoft and Hotmail even more. First, they make sure Gmail invites go to your bulk mail folder directly and now even normal emails from Gmail ids go directly to the receiver's bulk mail folder. And if your account receives a lot of bulk mail, Gmail messages are more likely to be buried under rubbish. I sent my resume to someone's Hotmail addy - an acquaintance, a couple of weeks ago from my Gmail account and kept waiting for a response from him. And then yesterday when i called him, he tells me he has not received it at all and that he was waiting for me to call (cos he did not have my ph number or email addy)! How I hate Hotmail now!

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