Friday, January 21, 2005

100 days and beyond....

It was a coincidence that L talked to me today about getting back on here and post again. In fact I did not realise it has been 100 days since my last post till I decided to find out how long it had been. Thanks L, will try all that you told me.

Following up on L's words, I will be back intermittantly, maybe once a week, just to tell you I am still around or to give you my take on things happening on the 3rd rock from the sun or elsewhere in the known and the unknown universe.

So, here I am, exactly 100 days after my last post. Nothing's changed yet, but L felt that this is a good outlet and a good networking tool. But hasn't been anything of that type for me, well not so far. I consider the idea of looking at oppurtunities through blogs too romantic for a romantically challenged person such as me, but anything is worth a try now. So, I am allowing myself to be goaded by L to come back here now, rather than waiting for something to click and then coming back here with a bang. Also, I know I am not coming back her with a re-styled template and what not, as is the vogue. This was, but a temporary respite. I myself have grown slightly bored with the template and I shall do something about it, when I can do it without feeling guilty about doing it while I have better things to do, like finding a job. The same applies to my blogroll, because in the last three months, I have come across several interesting blogs that I have started frequenting.

So my job search is mostly why I have been away. I have now moved out of Univ and in with a good friend (in Illinois) who has gone out of the way to make me feel at home. Thanks V! I don't know if I am really enriching your life, but I like to think I am at least good company when you come back home to what would otherwise be a lonely place. I also like to think that I am better off in my job search than I was in Ohio, but the results are not forthcoming. Just not yet.

A couple of my friends have moved back home with mixed success. Since none of them fit my profile, I am clueless about my chances doing the same thing. Hence getting back home is not in my plans anytime soon. I still have 8 more months on my OPT and I don't think I will give up till the last day. But I am talking to a lot of people and I think its just a matter of time before something clicks.

So if you know someone who would wanna hire a graduate industrial engineer with more than decent acads and 0-2 years of experience and an excellent aptitude to learn (because in any non-tech industry, i feel you learn more by experience than just reading a book or your class notes), please do leave a note in the comments. Ofcourse if this position was here in the US, I'd require a sponsored H-1 visa after September 1, 2005 (which is when my OPT expires), but I am also open to a position in India for which I would be interviewed while I am here. I will forward my resume to anyone who can help me directly or knows someone else who can help in this regard. My email addy is linked to this blog and you can send me a line, if you dont want to leave your email in the message directly.

If someone is actually reading this bile that i have spewed in the last couple of years, please do leave some comments. I know some of you do, but the number of comments does not seem right when I realise that I get a lot of third party feedback. Feedback is always appreciated, however negative.

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