Sunday, January 30, 2005

The quest for trivia continues unquenched!

Wisden's Martin Williamson writes that a peice of trivia mentioned by me earlier on this blog, (after Steven Lynch and David Firth threw more light on it), would not have been in the record books at all, if not for a clergy man in the crowd.

One more interesting titbit in this article is that, E.W Swanton lost his chance to go to Australia to cover what is now known as the "Bodyline" series, just because he did not make his deadline, while covering Holmes and Sutcliffe's partnership at Leyton. My question is this - Did this incident indirectly lead to what is now known as Bodyline?

Well here is my line - E. W. Swanton was later to become the most influential cricket writer/commentator of his generation. And I have read a couple of accounts of the Bodyline series which mention that, if Swanton had been in Oz, he would have conveyed his disdain of England's tatics so well in his despatches, that the MCC and the British government could have been persuaded to censure Jardine before it went too far. Ahhhh, the pitfalls of fate....

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