Sunday, January 30, 2005

A short name ? Only in my dreams!

Sidin's view about the travails that you face, being a single south Indian guy with a long name is so well known that I actually had to stop myself from linking to his most famous post. But one other not-so-well-known handicap when you have a long name such as mine is the lack of space in official paperwork. I found today that, as was the norm with all my univ paperwork (except my student id), the copy of my official transcript that I received yesterday is missing a vital "n" right at the fag end of that 16 letter long first name of mine. And now, the pukka Tam-bram sounding Ananthanarayanan has ended up sounding like the version from the other side of the Pulicat lake in Reddy land, i.e. a short and sweet Ananthanarayana!

Now, I am dreading the day I receive my degree certificate that Mr. and Mrs. Iyer have picked up from my old address where it was delivered erroneously. Would I be able to get that extra "n" appended to it, in case they haven't taken note of my specific instructions? In fact I am pretty sure they missed it, because they conveniently forgot that I had given a new address in writing, along with the plea that they include that "n" at the end of my first name!

And the latest item to get on my wish list -a list that contains among other things, a job, money, a BMW Mini Cooper with a gal in the passenger seat, world peace, harsher punishment for parole violators and longer skirts/tunics in the future for the male stars in movies like Troy, is a "dream catcher". I have been having so much in my mind lately, that a dream-less night (or at least a dream featuring a beautiful girl every night) of sleep, practically seems next to impossible.


dumbs said...

"a BMW Mini Cooper with a gal in the passenger seat, world peace"

romba kashtam da

RTD2 said...

Hey,I stumbled onto one of your ealy blog entries via a google search and started reading..very interesting (despite the cricket obsession!)I suffer from a long last name, so I understand your woes a wee bit :)
Anyway, good luck on the job

Me said...

aNTi I came to your blog through dumbs.

Well my 19 character last name is now cut down to 10 characters and even then it is always misspelled.

Lucky you, at least your misspelled name seem Indian mine sounds like Chinese.

gvenum said...

You think this happens in US, Being a gult I went through a torried time in Bombay university when every lecturer butchered my name. During roll call, I would make my presence clear to them , before they got to say my name. US is lot better. Atleast they apologise.

Anonymous said...

Whats in a name aNti??? A superstar called by any other name is still a Superstar...;-).... but then i thot ur identity already is aNti... :-)........ --- Latha