Saturday, June 07, 2003

A job in hand is worth two when you don't have one !!

I sent out some networking emails today to a couple of my relatives who are around here in the USA. The whole issue of a livelihood is getting murkier day by day and the seriousness of the situation has slowly started dawning on to me. If you guys know of someone who’s looking for a fresh (graduate) industrial engineer (with a undergraduate mechanical engineering degree), please forward my resume on to him or her. All relevant details are on my my resume.

I am primarily looking for a production planning/scheduling position. However at this current state of affairs, any job/internship suitable for an Industrial Engineer ought to suffice. About salary expectations, I don’t much to say on that and so I think that should be governed only by the geographical and social conditions in the area where I would have to relocate. Yeah, I am willing to relocate, which is obvious, considering the abject lack of employment opportunities for engineers like me within 50 miles either side of Athens, Ohio.

I am personally not averse to work in India immediately, if that’s what it takes to get a job. I might be sounding philosophical (or maybe dumb too), but I am not too concerned about a salary right now if it means that I would get job security and that’s a rare commodity in these times in the US. I am really thinking of going down to India in March/April next year (as soon as my thesis is complete and ready for the defense) to search for jobs. In the event of getting a job (which is easier there in India than here), all I would need to do is to come back for maybe a month and defend it. Worst case, I have to come here and think of some way of extending my I20 (I have a 5 year visa).

QOTD: I am opposed to millionaires, but it would be dangerous to offer me the position. - Mark Twain

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