Wednesday, June 25, 2003

T-shirt maniac

Yipeeee. I finally received my own Blogger T-shirt yesterday from the Google Store via USPS. Paid through my nose for it, but T-shirts are my weakness, so it was obvious that I would buy it for sure. And I am wearing it today. See a enlarged pic of my T shirt here.

Actually, I have always thought that those of you who have seen me in flesh and blood seem to enjoy my T-shirts. I love T-shirts and I love them “loud” T-shirts that have funny messages on them. Nothing suggestive, but clean humorous one. And they seem to put people at ease the moment they see me and eases the initial communication glitches that seem to happen most of the time with me. And I think wearing T-shirts like that just conveys everything about me to the person seeing me for the first time.

I still remember what happened at Brussels when I was in transit on my first ever journey overseas. We were this group of 17 wide eyed would be graduate students hunting for a particular gate in the Zaventem airport in Brussels. We had a couple of hours to kill and we were walking around looking for the lounge. This was just after we got off the plane from Chennai and that place was almost deserted. Moreover, the few people we had around seemed to speaking only French or Flemish (I don’t really know the difference between the two). I, being the bold youngster out to impress the few girls in the group, went ahead searching for someone to ask directions and I find this guy in a uniform loading baggage on to a cart. I go to him and even before I could smile, he looks up and says after a second’s pause – “Sorry No interviews”. I am like, whoa, this is just baggage and not a microphone, for heavens sake. And then I realize that my T-shirt has the same message on the front. Both of us immediately burst out laughing when I looked down and saw him pointing to my T-shirt. He pointed out directions and even came halfway through with the group before going back to his work. After this, whenever I have worn the T-shirt, I have had people repeating the lines to me even before I asked them something.

I have a number of such “attractive” T-shirts that catch the eye. And usually I have one new one in stock that I take out and wear at parties and stuff. By the way, I am not exactly a party animal, so I don’t get to wear them often. I have one that says, “You are here” and has an arrow pointing to the center of a bulls eye. I have another that goes “I.N.S. I am not Stupid”. I also had one that read, “You don’t know me. FBI witness protection Program”, that I bought in DC last year. I haven’t seen it for sometime now. I wore it, for laughs, the day I went for my driver’s license written test and had everyone in splits when the lady wanted to take my photograph for the id. And my newest is one that goes I have one T-shirt that reads, “I am loud, fat, immature, lazy. But I am fun”. I am going to be wearing it this weekend. I love those Tantra T-shirts too, but I have never really bought one. Should ask Prabhu to get some when he gets back, if he has some space.

I actually found a website that has such T-shirts. Check it out here. But those are stuff I wouldn’t caught dead in, because I usually send photographs home to India from time to time and my mom would kill me if I wore one of those in public. The older generation seems to get off on curbing people having fun. But kids these days do a lot of things too, so I guess that’s justified. :)

QOTD: "I Was Born Intelligent, But Education Ruined Me" - Seen on a T-shirt (Anonymous)

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