Tuesday, December 30, 2003

Happy New Year... in advance..

Its been a eventful (if not wonderful) year. A particularly good year for the Indian economy one. Good cricket and good movies too which meant that I had a good time this year amidst all the work and drudgery. The finish line seems so near but what lies thenceforth preplexes. Have to wait and watch.

A good year for the Indian cricket team, a couple of sound drubbings from the Aussies not withstanding. We have proved to be the only team seriously challenging them, as the first three tests of this series have proved. Sydney might just prove to be the final nail in Steve Waugh's coffin as he departs the cricketing world. As for the other talking point these days, Sachin will be hoping for a longer stint at the crease at the SCG. Hope he does enf for another new born to be named Sydney!

Last year, this time, I was in India in the final throes of what proved to a great trip. I wish I could spend more time like that. But i guess that has to wait at least until my thesis is done. Anways, a trip to NYC beckons. A couple of friends were driving down and hence this could be a good and yet a cheap trip to the Big Apple. I jumped at the chance and here I am, blogging a couple of hrs before I leave.

Anyways guys, have a good New Year's Eve and wonderful year too! Adios.. see you next year!

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