Friday, December 12, 2003

Which Indian film would you choose? (i.e. for the Oscars!)

Hmmmm... The time is here again......

Rediff has a message board with the same title. However, just to give us a glimpse of what their choices could be (ok, mebbe that was inadvertant), the banner on the page is a collage made up of a couple of pics from RGV's Bhoot and that new pseudo-ABCD tear jerker - Kal Ho Na Ho ! Well, I hope this collage does not reflect the final choices.

So do we assume that these two movies are in contention? God forbid if they are? But what could be the other movies this year? As far as (mainstream)Tamil movies go, I would root for Kaakha Kaakha or mebbe Pithamagan (to stretch it)!

By the way, what are the National awards for? Why not send the the movie that wins the National Award to the Oscars?

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