Monday, December 15, 2003

Is "anticipation" a euphemism for "dread"?

I may be a cynic but at least I am not a deserter. Hence I will wait, for another 12 hours or so.

But I really had a lump in my throat after I read this! One of the best ever I have read from Peter Roebuck. Thanks to Prabhu for the link!

And if the smell (while its cooking) did not repulse me, I am sure I would have gorged on that dish with pleasure. Roomie swears it tastes good. Not Down Under however! No Sir... Not tonight...

Updates: A couple of people have been asking what that dish is. Its Bombil Chi Kadi, which is dried Bombay Duck (surprise..surprise!!) cooked with a coconut and coriander gravy (courtesy UpperCrustIndia)

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