Monday, December 22, 2003

Will the Swami Army take on Brett Lee?

A couple of days back, Cricinfo's quote page from the England Sri Lanka series had the latest Barmy Army song on Muralitharan. Come to think about it - Murali rhymes with Brett Lee. In that thought lies the seed for what could perhaps be a good Swami Army song. Fitting heh?

Sing this aloud in the same tune as the old nursery rhyme - Row Row Row the boat.

Throw, throw, throw the ball, lifting up the seam;
Brett Lee, Brett Lee, Brett Lee, Brett Lee, chucks it like a dream!

The next two lines are optional mainly because nothing seems to rhyme well with "Air" like "Hair" and the umps for the third test are Shep and Bowden. So, continued from the previous lines,

Bowl, bowl, bowl the ball, swinging through the air,
Brett Lee, Brett Lee, Brett Lee, Brett Lee, here comes Shep... No Ball!"

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