Thursday, December 04, 2003

To put or not to put.... my foot in my mouth!

Yes, It is perhaps just one of the many questions that I am facing right now. I am referring to a particular post of mine. I am one of those ardent cricket fans who has been further disillusioned by the happenings down under both on and off the field and hence feel that it makes no sense dwelling upon my angst.

After months of siding with Ganguly's choices, I now feel that nothing has changed under his captaincy. Reputation still counts over form and the history of traveling journeymen still seems to continue. Not a word of good is spoken about performers while reputations are bolstered with enthusiastic comments about how X will definitely come good. Sometime in the recent past, talking over the phone, someone commented to me that I had no right expecting India to go the Australia way because we simply don't have the talent. Whoa, we have seen home grown talent these last couple of weeks and still we give them the cold shoulder.

Hence this blog shall go the JR way. No more cricket even if India wins some matches, till February at least. This is however just a sabbatical from the game, partly caused by disgust and partly because I already put "foot in mouth" to my roomie by telling him that I will stop talking about cricket if, after all his decent (if not good) work during the first couple of weeks of the tour, a certain player was left out of the squad for the first Test. This player did not make the eleven at Brisbane and hence I have to do something to save my skin during the next inquest of the Indian team. And this is the least I can do.

So adios and god speed India, even though you are already in rough waters just miles from the port of departure. I shall take the flight and meet you at your port of destination when you come in to rest your tired bottom.

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