Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Blogroll updates!

Recently, I have been on a number of blogs that escaped my radar earlier. I decided to finally add them to my blogroll. And I have been lazy too. I added some to my blogroll and did not exactly tell you guys about them. So today, ore kallula rendu maanga.. (singing a Kamal-ish tone). Here goes...

Jayendran is my neighbor. He has been my neighbor for quite sometime. We used to play cricket together and then he moved to the same apartment block as mine. He seems to have big plans that he tells us about in a rather poetic manner. He's an ardent Kamal fan, a up and coming CA and a fellow quizzer. Welcome da....

The Nattu formerly known as "Inter-nettu" is now in Oz where he scribbles quite frequently. By the looks of it, he's still the net-junkie as he was in the early days of Internet at Tirumalaisamudram. Do not miss any post of his, particularly this one.

Dev is a RSK-ite who was once a fused tubelight (Dev, see I still remember your team name from 1996-97). These days he is a dyslexic atheist, who also seems to be an insomniac. Dev, I think you can be cured. Just read my posts regularly and REM will beckon you immediately.

Hemanth is really a nice guy whose blog actually takes its name from the character played by Chris Penn in Reservoir Dogs. And to think that I thought he was so taken up with himself. He writes about his angst at Madras being renamed Chennai and thinks that its a shame to rename a place after the person who sold it to the Brits at the first place. He's a movie freak and maintains another blog exclusively for everything to do with Chennai, its movies, the politics and its news at a place quite reminiscent of that standard Chennai fixture where everyone exchanges information with everybody else - the teakada (for the non-tamil speaking population in cyberspace, teakada refers to the local "Tea shop". Do visit him and his teakada.

I dunno who Ripples is. Ok, I know that Ripples is a she and might also respond to the name Priya. Ok, not so sure about the second part. But all I know is that Ripples seems to be a very private individual and yet she is diverse with her interests. Lives in Chicago and creates ripples in everybody's thoughts through her words here.

Dubukku is a think tank. Recently he shed his anonymity and had a SunTV-esque Photooo vaaaaram. He claims that he is Rengaraman Sankaranarayanan aka renga and that he has absolutely no claim to fame. However others claim that the image conveyed by one of the pictures that he recently posted might just become his claim to fame if he ever moves to the Bay area. Look out for him if you live in the immediate environs of the Old Blighty where he roams. Welcome to you too Dubukku thalaiva..

Last but not the least, the Mastermind and some of his friends (can I be included in that list too, sir ;) ) put together a blog exclusively for issues pertaining to the finer points of that game favored by the nerds, dorks and the RCs - quizzing. Among the recent topics of discussion was the debate about the pros and cons of the Direct and Passing system and the Infinite bounds system. You can trust us trivia junkies to discuss trivial details like these, but if you know what I mean, you'd appreciate this as a issue of great importance to the quizzing community ;). So if you are a quizzer, do not miss the notes (and the stones) that accompany Interrobang (particular the post that explains the idea behind the name of this quiz blog) that boasts of, among other features - a question of the week.

Welcome to you all. I have been on your blogs often and I guess it was high time I added you all to my blogroll....

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