Tuesday, March 09, 2004

New ARR masterpieces and rumors!

Last two days, have been listening to bootlegged versions of a up-coming ARR masterpiece, albeit in Telugu. Waiting to hear the original versions when they come out in a couple of weeks. BTW, all you ARR fans, a veritable feast awaits in the coming months. First SJ Surya's bilingual take on the Tom Hanks starrer Big and then the next MR flick, again a bilingual (multistarrer this time). The soundtracks should be as usual gold mines for the respective producers, (the three tracks I heard are simply mind-blowing, with one particular soft lullaby like track featuring Sadhana Sargam and Unni Krishnan making me listen to it atleast 10 times in the last three hours) but about the movies, all comments reserved - at least for SJ Surya's effort. First thing, it stars himself and I dunno how good he is as a actor. As a director he seems quite ok, as Vaali demonstrated.

And then about Yuva / Ayutha Ezhuthu, I have no doubts about the movie - its MR, for heaven's sake. He might be off the audience's preferences sometimes, but for the connoisseur, his movies are pure nirvana. The initial buzz from the promos seems to be quite encouraging - though this yet to be corroborated rumor that it's MR's take on the Oscar nominated Cicade de deus (City of God). Read Roger Ebert's review of the City of God here.

I read this UN-CORROBORATED RUMOR first on Lazy Geek's where one of his "admirers" had commented about it. It found its way here and when I left a comment on there. BSubra (this is his Tamil blog BTW) was kind to email me and he says that he had caught it too from Lazy Geek's where KG had left a comment. Someone ask KG where he read this piece of info. It's spreading like wildfire and all fingers point to him or at least the trail goes cold at his fingers.. LOL... And after all this someone posted on the ARR fans group that he had read this piece of info on Junior Vikatan. Now it figures.

Now, when I look at it, seems that there is actually a resemblance between the City of God's story and what has been paraded everywhere as the storyline for Ayutha Ezhuthu/Yuva. But it is best that we stay restrained about this issue till the movie releases. As this commentor on TFMpage says - "But we are all working on assumption here. Let's wait and see what 12B is all about. When news of the mouse sequence in Tenali was leaked to the press, everyone jumped to the conclusion that it was a remake of Mousehunt. The film turned to be a remake of some other English movie." The case about Tenali was carried by everyone incl. Rediff and The Music Magazine. So let's wait! Till we can actually hear the songs, satisfy yourselves with the track listing from tamilurban.com which again is quite different from what was posted on TFMpage (and on the ARR fans group)sometime in December. However this time, a lot of people associated with the movie have been talking about this songs and so I guess this IS the listing. So much for my waiting to hear Harish Raghavendar's first song with ARR. That might have to wait yet.

Update: The Yuva trailers (on Bollyvista) rock and I happened to catch 20 second previews elsewhere of all the AE songs! If only those 20 seconds did not have the name of the website's name as a watermark!. Its not the whole song and why the watermark ?:p. And my friend who caught the City of God over the Univ's cable system says from the trailers, the only similarity apparent between COG and Yuva/AE is the fact that the movie seems to be set in an slum :p

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