Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Is life all about being unemployed? - Part Duex Deux

While typing up my thesis and putting the finishing touches to the code, I have been listening to Yakkai Thiri and Janagana Mana and Dol Dol. And that with full volume on my computer speakers with a goood headphone. I have also been catching the AE promos on the "Puthum Puthusu" program on Sun TV (O.C gaachi when you buy Dish Network's coverage of the India Pakistan series) that comes during the lunch breaks of the day night games.

Of the three characters - Michael, Inban and Arjun, the first mentioned really caught my eye. Surya with the nicely trimmed sideburn, a full hand neatly inserted shirt folded to the elbow and trousers pulled up over his waist, somehow seems to fit the character, his soft voice adding luster to what promises to be a watershed his movie career. Of late, he has been one actor who's chosen his roles sensibly. For me, Surya and Vikram are the shaping up to be the Kamal and Rajini (or the Sivaji and MGR) of the 21st century - one relying on histrionics while the other relying on both his histrionics and carefully chosen body language (or body "loanguage" as Thalaivar says) to carve their niche. It remains to be seen, however, whether they can capitalize on the initial good work of the last couple of years!

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(P.S Regardless of the Pithamagan tinge in the second one, both the pics of Vikram in the collage are from Anniyan, his under-production movie helmed by Shankar. Other pics that I have seen, have him dressed up as the Grim Reaper, another Pithamagan flavor, a trendy yuppie wearing a flashy plasticky shirt. If you observe the first pic carefully, you can see the traditional Iyenger namam. Actually he sports a kudimi too . However, I don't know how this costume relates to the movie though, cos a lot of times I have seen that images from the early stages of the movies are no way similar to those from the final product. But what's significant is that this role was initially written for Kamal as soon as Indian came out in 1996, but Kamal got busy with his And while we are talking about Surya watch out for Perazhagan which is a remake of that Mallu tearjerker, Kunhikoonan, where Surya stars as a hunch-back. Boy, these guys are confident!)

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