Sunday, March 07, 2004

YSR loses credibility?

I went on the I2FS site after a long time (following George's posting about the Karz soundtrack) and found that three of the songs that I have been listening repeatedly over the last few months are all lifts. That raises credibility questions about YSR and to think I was slowly starting to place YSR in a pedestal that was almost equal to IR in terms of listening preferences. And these were just the three songs from Kadhal Konden that I raved about in this post. Needless to say, I am embarrassed.

Karthik, who maintains the i2fs page says (it) turns out that the film's theme in itself is lifted from a German movie called 'Klassenfahrt' (English title, 'School Trip')...not only the theme but also the mannerisms of the original's lead guy, whom the Tamil hero Dhanush apes unabashedly. I remember Dhanush getting loads of praise from the Tamil press for his 'acting' in the film.... Hmmm...

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