Wednesday, February 12, 2003

The Day of the Dog !
Another day ends and lots of questions arise....
Did I waste close to (the equivalent) of Rs.700 yesterday night at Walmart ? Do Saurav and Co. still remonstrate that my fears are unfounded ? Anyways Saturday shall provide all answers to my questions.
Sad, I will not be able to watch the match that day. But whenever (over the last few days when my plans have become clearer) I think about this, I have comforted myself with the thought that, in the last two years India have played badly whenever I sat down to watch a match. So much that I have started paying money just to make sure that I can borrow the recorded matches whenever I want. This time too, I think thats about the same thing thats going to happen. Even if India reaches the final and needs 1 wicket with twenty overs left to bowl and a 100 run deficit to bowl at. This time I have paid for the cassettes and asked G to record all the matches. And with today's performance, my confidence has slightly ebbed.
But as always, hope is the best weapon for the desperate warrior and I buy that reasoning.
Come on India.. Dhika Dho....

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