Friday, February 21, 2003

Wisecracking Smartasses

After a long week, I am back at my blog. A combination of a weekend trip, bad weather and tough schedules kept me away for the most part of this week.
I went on a trip to Purdue last weekend. Though the photographs show something else, by Toutatis (as Obelix would exclaim), it was arguably the worst weekend of my life, worst because, all my expectations of a good time were thrown out through the back door. We were stranded (albeit at the Holiday Inn) in the midst of the worst weather that southeastern Ohio has seen in decades. And then I got stuck with a ringing (blaring would be a better term to use, in this case) cell phone during a formal dinner and that too when the after-dinner speaker was holding forth on the ideal virtues of an IE professional. But those were the least of my travails.
There are various descriptions of the phrases “smart-ass”. Though all of them point in the same direction, two of the closest descriptions that I have found are these. The Australian – American slang dictionary describes a smart ass as “Something pedantic or unfunny” and also as “an objectionable person who points out other people’s errors.” Though both descriptions are opinionated, most people can easily identify the later, since the first description varies from one person to another based on their cultural subscription. But the whole issue is that a smart-ass made my trip sour. So much that I am still in the blues.
On my return, more bad news awaited, courtesy the Indian Cricket team. But now things have improved. Even the fickle weather changed to sunny yesterday. Hope this weekend turns out better.

Quote of the Day: "He that falls in love with himself will have no rivals." (Benjamin Franklin)

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