Tuesday, February 11, 2003

Life’s Unfulfilled Desires

I have a number of unfulfilled desires. However two of them are close to being fulfilled.

1. Learn to swim, so that I can haunt the aquatics center here to ogle at all the nice (ahem.. female) lifeguards.
2. Learn to fly, not the airplane kind, but the old fashioned Icarus-esque flapping of the arms kind.

I have no doubts about which of these two desires are going to be fulfilled first. Mr.Iyer has volunteered to teach me to swim in the coming spring quarter. Here I see a chance to kill two birds in one stone. Like someone sang “Ore kallula rendu maanga” ! If I learn to swim, I learn to fly too. Individuals who are not scientifically inclined might not appreciate the true significance of this statement and this is where there ignorance comes to the limelight.
Water is a fluid. And so is air. Learning to move through water (i.e. swim), enables you to move through any fluid. So technically I learn to fly. But we don’t really have a high mountain here in Athens. Hence I have to put off all plans of testing. Another spot of bother is that I do not possess a parachute. And it is a truth universally (it's a rather small universe) acknowledged that I do not try anything unless safety features are integrated into the system. Even my swimming lessons will not be taken unless I have rubber tubing around my waist.
After all life is precious and as i mentioned earlier, I am no Superman....
But.... I believe I CAN FLY !!!!

And now for the Quote of the Day....
"As long as you derive inner help and comfort from anything, keep it." (Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi)