Saturday, February 22, 2003

Quo Vadis India !

Yesterday night I realized that India is on the way towards losing its “Third World country” tag after all. The per capita income share contributed by software exports out of India can be one major reason, but my conclusion is not based on this known fact. It is the recent spate of marriages in my circle of friends that, has led me to this conclusion.
I have a very large group of friends. That is one of the perks of being popular. Some of my friends that I am in touch currently date back to my middle school. Though N does not go that far (she joined my high school when we were in the 11th Std), she has been one of my closest friends in the last couple of years. And she got married the day yesterday. Or was it the day before. This difference in times between different parts of the world has confused me so much that I have actually stopped remembering dates. It’s all the days of the week for me now.
Anyways coming back to my original subject. In the last couple of months, a lot of my friends have gotten married. These people were either with me in school or at my undergraduate college. First one to get hitched up was V. She was not too happy about it at first. But then a combination of events made her change her mind about it. Now she regularly goes on skiing trips with HD (as she calls that troubled human being who fell for her). The next was H, who was ecstatic about it. He was talking about it since last February, when his sister got married. Now the latest is N. She’s coming down to San Jose and possibly would be visiting Cleveland for the Thyagaraja Aradhana in April. I would be probably meeting her then. The next marriage will take place in the next couple of months when M (another of my SCE friends) gets married.
Of these four people, 2 are part of the fairer sex. And they form a part of the same age group. Hence a 50% rate only serves to reinforce my belief that more and more guys are getting married in the same age as girls. The uninformed would immediately seek to throw water over my claims, but it can easily be proved that since the 1970’s, the average age at which a girl gets married has considerably increased. Viva India.
However whatever reassurance I gained by this realization, is negated by the thought that Indians are the perfect examples for the connection between idleness and the devil. Unemployed individuals have found no better jobs than to build temples for matronly actresses, burn effigies of sportsmen and to celebrate the birthdays of wannabe politicians.
God save my motherland !!

Quote of the Day: "Circumstances rule men and not men rule circumstances" (Euripides)

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