Thursday, July 03, 2003

Chat in Columbus!

Almost a week since I posted. Lot of things happened between then and now. I moved houses back to good old Carriage Hill Drive. Level one now. So I am avoiding the big climb. Just setting up stuff now and the house is still a mess. My phone numbers changed too. Shall be mailing all u guys with the number soon.

Yesterday, finally I got a chance to eat at Annapoorna, this great eatery up in Columbus. Nice place with major specialty being their chat buffet. Wow. After a long time, I got a chance to sample tasty Bhelpuri, Pani Puri, Dahi Vadas, Kachoris washed down with some Kesar Lassi. I am still full :D

And last week, just after my last post, I got this call from Sunil and we got around discussing possible scenarios that could unfold in Matrix Revolutions. His comments were interesting and thought provoking. But after that discussion, later that night, I got another bit from the movie that I almost missed. At one point in the movie, this kid who idolizes Neo (much to his obvious and visible discomfiture) gives him a spoon and tells him that one of the kids from the Oracle’s house gave it to him (the kid from the 1st part?) and told him to pass it to Neo. What I don’t remember as yet was whether the spoon was itself bent! If the spoon had been bent, then it would mean that Neo is still in the Matrix, because Neo meets the Oracle inside the Matrix. However this kid gives him the spoon in Zion, which means that Zion is also in the Matrix! This concurs with what Sunil felt too, that Zion was the lowest (in terms of geographical altitude) level of the Matrix. What say Sunil? This means that Neo probably realized that Zion was in the Matrix and that prompted him to try stop those Sentinels in the last scene. Most of us, as lesser mortals (at least with respect to Larry and Andy) did not see this coming at all, until much later!

QOTD: "There are truths which are not for all men, nor for all times." - Voltaire

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