Wednesday, July 09, 2003

Updates on the Captain's meeting!

After some searching, I found that this article about Lara and Vijaykanth meeting together appeared in the Tamil section of Indiainfo. Check this link. Features the whole story, albeit in Tamil. For all you interested non-Tamils, I have provided here a translation for the piece.

"Prominent West Indian cricket star Brian Lara who was practicing (?) in Chennai, went to meet Vijaykanth suddenly(?) at his shooting spot. The shooting for Thennavan, a Vijaykanth - Kiran starrer was progressing in Chennai's Prasad Studios. Suddenly Lara walked in there. Vijaykanth welcomed him and took him around the set enlightening him about the various aspects of filmmaking. Then Vijaykanth got back to his shooting with Lara watching him. Upon seeing Vijaykanth performing his own stunts, Lara congratulated him profusely.

Vijaykanth stars as a IAS officer in this movie. He is an election officer and has modeled his role after TN Seshan. It is felt that this movie will not be short of thrills with Vijaykanth's character going loggerheads against casteist politicians. This movie is due for release by Independence Day, this year."

I am waiting to see the announcement regarding Vijaykanth's next movie. I won't be surprised if Vijaykanth takes the role of a whistle blowing Indian cricket captain ;)

QOTD: "Cricket is basically baseball on valium." - Robin Williams, American actor

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