Thursday, July 24, 2003

The "chinna veedu" of cricket on the Internet!!!!

I was thinking of what my blog provides for my regular readers and what it does not. And I found that it gives them nothing! I looked around stuff and thought about ways to provide original or second hand content. The main stuff that I did not provide was real time cricket scores (among a lot of other things). Then I found this desktop java score card and thought that it would be good idea if i put it on the blog. But the only link i got from Cricinfo was for a whole html page and when that came into a "iframe" that u see on the bottom right of the page, it turns into b.s. But I will not rest till I get done with this endeavor to provide cricket scores to each and every reader of my blog and turn this into the "chinna veedu" of cricket on the Internet! The search continues and till I get another alternative, that frame shall stay like that down there.

Btw, if you knew Tamil, you will understand the word play behind the words "chinna veedu" and their usage here.

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