Wednesday, July 09, 2003

One Captain meets another?

The man rumored to have caused a electric shock to electricity itself (in one of his movies, of course) met the man who has electrified audiences in cricket grounds all over the world. Don’t really know if this picture is morphed, but apparently, our own Captain Vijaykanth and the man known as Brian Charles Lara met a couple of days ago in a Chennai movie studio where both of them were shooting on adjacent floors for a movie and a advertisement respectively. The picture is supposedly from an (as yet) unnamed Tamil newspaper and was forwarded to me by a friend. One friend swears it’s a morphed picture, but why Captain and Lara. I can understand Captain and Mumtaz or actually Mumtaz and Lara. But Captain and Lara is slightly off the scale. Someone clarify.

Lara and Vijaykanth

It is yet not known what these two “titans” talked about, but it can safely be said that a collaborative effort is definitely not on the offing. Such a effort would certainly be the height of colloboration. What shall it be next? Captain pursuing match fixers with Lara helping him? So who will play the villain? Ashish Vidyarthi? And the heroine? Could be Trisha, going by the Captain’s penchant for young heroines!

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